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Dr Mattia Ghirardello (PDRA, 2018-2022)

- Now PDRA, Centro de Investigación Biomédica de La Rioja, Universidad de la Rioja, Logroño, ESP

Dr. Eliza G. Hunt (PhD, BCS CDT, 2017-2022, then PDRA, 2022)

- Now Science Outreach Officer at Queen Mary University, London.

Dr. Radhe Shyam (PDRA, 2019 - 2021)

- Now a Technical Specialist and Materials Chemistry Lab Manager

- Department of Physics, University of Bristol

Dr. Robin A. Jeanneret (PDRA, 2018 - 2021)

- Now PGCE training, Wales, (secondary teaching) 

Dr. Javier Ramios-Soriano (PDRA, 2018-21)

- Now a Talent Hub Postdoctoral Fellow at Instituto de Investigaciones Químicas (CSIC) Seville, Spain

Dr. Noelia de la Cruz Ruiz (PDRA, 2020-21)


Dr Michael P. O'Hagan (PhD, BCS CDT, 2015 - 2020, then PDRA, 2020)

- Now PDRA for Prof. Itamar Willner at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr Sarah S. E. Michel (PhD, BCS CDT 2015-2020, then PDRA, 2020)

Dr Helen Ledru (2018-2020)

Dr Sandra Medina-Villar (2013-2020)

- Currently Project Manager for the Ministry of Defence

Dr Tom Swift (2018-2020)


Dr Venkateswararao Boddu (2017-2020)

- Currently Senior Research Investigator at Syngene International Ltd

Dr. David Benito Alifonso (2009-2018) - Currently QTEC Fellow


Dr. Jordi Mas (2014-2016)


Dr. Carlos Palo-Nieto (2014-2106)


Dr. Alex Wasmuth (2014-2015)

Dr. Karen Bromfield (2011)

Dr. Anh Tuan Tran (2009-2011)

Dr. Monica Fuensanta (2008)


Dr Rachel Nuttall (PhD, BCS CDT, 2018 - 2022)

 - Now PDRA with Dr Michelle Ma, Kings College London

Dr Simon Johnson (PhD, BCS CDT, 2018 - 2022)

 - Now Research Chemist at Charnwood Molecular, Loughborough

Dr Rachel Lamb (PhD, BCS CDT, 2017 - 2021)

- Now Portfolio Manager at EPSRC


Dr Victoria Levario (PhD, BCFN, 2021)


Dr Sylvain Penasse (PhD, ERC, 2021)


Dr Jenny Samphire (PhD, BCS CDT, 2021)

Dr Sadiyah Sheikh (PhD, Bristol, 2020) 

Dr Ryan Williams (PhD, Bristol, 2019)

- Product Developer, Momr Foods, London


Dr. Maristela Martins-Teixeira (2018) 


Dr. Stephen Hill, PhD Bristol (2018)

- PDRA with Prof. Laura Hartmann at University of Dusseldorf.


Dr. Chris Redecker, PhD Bristol (2018)


Miss Claire Webster, MRes Bristol (2017)

- PhD student Prof. A. Davis group, Bristol.

Dr. Steven Street, PhD Bristol (2017)

- EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow, with Prof. I. Manners, University of Bristol 


Dr. Imke Sittel, PhD Bristol (2017)

- PDRA CIC BioGUNE with Dr. Alberto Fernandez Tejada


Dr. Alex Henderson, PhD Bristol (2016)

Technical Assistant at Carpmaels & Ransford, London


Dr. Tom S. Carter, PhD Bristol (2016)

- Senior Scientist at Ziylo


Dr. Ryan Beattie , PhD Bristol (2016)

- Science Teacher (A-level Chemistry Teacher) at St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple school 


Mr. Matt Harper, MSci (2014)

- PhD student Chemical Synthesis CDT 2015 cohort

Dr. Edward I. Balmond, PhD Bristol (2014)

- PDRA at UC Davis  Prof. Jared Shaw

Dr.  Rachel A. Jones, PhD Bristol (2013)

- Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA

Dr. Simon Whitaker, PhD Bristol (2013) 

Miss Silvia Miranda Alcazar, CSIC Madrid visitor (2013)

Mr. Bo Hou, PhD visitor (2013) 

Miss Stella Kin, DTC nanomaterials (2012-2013)

Miss Lydia Bridglan, DTC nanomaterials (2009-2010)


Miss Erin Tait, Bristol MSci Undergraduate (2021-2022)

Miss Sophia C. Hamilton-Russell, Bristol MSci Undergraduate (2021-2022)

Mr Kieran McLeod, Bristol MSci Undergraduate (2021-2022)

Mr Callum John, Bristol MSci Undergraduate and visiting researcher (2020-2021)

Miss Maisie Holbrow-Wilshaw, Bristol MSci Undergraduate (2019-2020)


Miss Phooi Yee Tang, Bristol MSci Undergraduate (2019-2020)

Mr Tom Gould, Bristol MSci Undergraduate (2019-2020)

Mr. Carlo Walz, Heidelberg Erasmus student (2019)

Miss Alice Kilner, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2019)

Miss Shiu Liu, Bristol BSc Undergraduate (2019)

Mr. Vincent Mastalerz, visting Master student University of Lyon (2018)

Miss Rosie Fisher, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2018)

Mr. Peter Smithson, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2018)

Miss Laura Say, Bristol BSc Undergraduate (2018)


Mr. Daniel Martin Marquez, Visiting Master student (2017)


Miss Riturpana Goswami, Visiting Master student (2017)


Mr. Ryan Cairns, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2017)


Miss Jade Zhang, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2017)


Mr. Harry Fox, Bristol BSc Undergraduate (2017)

Mr. Joshua Clark, Bristol BSc Undergraduate (2016)

Miss Caitlin Connell, Bristol BSc Undergraduate (2016)

Miss Cristina Fernandez Minguez, Erasmus Undergraduate (2014)

Mr. Jonathan Smith, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2014)

Miss Caitlin Taylor, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2014)

Miss Kathryn Porter Goff, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2014)

Mr. George Bailey, Bristol BSc Undergraduate (2013)

Mr. Thomas Nunns, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2013)

Miss Joana Sadler, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2013)

Miss Alice Commont, visiting undergraduate Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (2012)

Mr. Ken Andrews, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2012)

Miss Rachel Gadhiali, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2012)

Miss Harriet Lock Year, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2012)

Miss Isabel Powell, Bristol MSc Undergraduate, Welcome Trust funded (2011)

Miss Natacha Denizot, visiting undergraduate Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (2011)

Mr Francis Lister, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2011)

Miss Kelly-Marie Johnson Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2011)

Mr Elliot Radley, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2011)

Mr Drew Watts, Bristol BSc Undergraduate (2011)

Mr Tom Carter, Bristol MSc Undergraduate - The Nuffield Foundation funded (2010)

Mr.Julien Boisson, visiting undergraduate Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (2008)

Mr. Julien Pastor, visiting undergraduate Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (2008)

Miss Fawzia Seghier, , Bristol Undergraduate - Erasmus

Miss Sarah Ashwood, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2010)

Mr Robert Davidson, Bristol MSc Undergraduate (2010)

Miss Claire Bernard, visiting undergraduate Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (2009)

Mr Boubacar Yalcouye, visiting undergraduate Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (2009)

Miss Catherine Barwell, Bristol BSc undergradute (2009)

Mr. Robert Woodhead, Bristol MSc undergradute (2009)

Miss Yomi George, Bristol MSc undergraduate (2009)

Miss Claire Brunet, Bristol undergraduate - Erasmus (2008) 

Mr. Richard Burden, Bristol MSc undergraduate (2008)

Mr. Kevin Jouvin, visiting undergraduate Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (2008)

Mr. Dimitri Dorta, visiting Post-Graduate IPNA-CSIC La Laguna, Spain (2008)

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